Scottish, Irish and Swedish Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Arlington Texas, USA

Smallpipes, Borderpipes, & Border-Smallpipes


"Current wait times are less than 2 months"

Scottish Smallpipes in A, Bb, D, & C.

Wood choice, Ebony, Mopane, & African Blackwood

   Smallpipes in A  $1645 
Smallpipes - D $1545
Smallpipes - C $1545

Combo A/D Smallpipe set with both A & D chanters - $2150
(alto, tenor, baritone & bass) ~ contra-bass also available on request.

Smallpipe Chanters in A, D & C $300

Split stock $50

Low D Smallpipe Chanters $485

Smallpipes without bellows, subtract $285

For Three drone sets in any key subtract $100

Mouth-blown sets subtract $140

Chanter Reeds $45

 Borderpipes in A

Sets can be setup in the Lowland or Border drone setups A,a,a, or A,a,(e-alto)

Avaliable in Mouth-blown or Bellow-blown.

Border-pipes - $2000

Circa 1880 Glen border-pipe reproduction  $2500 
(based on a set in my collection stamped David Glen Edinburgh)
Borderpipe Chanter -  $400

Border-pipe chanter reeds $40
(cane or synthetic)

Smallpipes played with a border chanter is becoming popular with many players and is an option when ordering a smallpipe set. I call them, "Border-Smallpipes."

Pictures of various sets below:

Smallpipes - key of A

Moose antler mounts

Combed and Beaded

Hollow stock

Katalox & Castillo Boxwood set in A

Flat Combed

Split Stock ~ standard on all sets.

Smallpipes - key of D

African Blackwood with Burmese Blackwood mounts.

" The Dow"
Low 'D' Scottish Smallpipe Chanter

An adapter can be made to fit any existing set of smallpipes. It can also be played on Uilleann sets.

Borderpipes in A

Lowland style A,a,a  borderpipe ~ mouth-blown versions


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