Scottish, Irish, Northumbrian and Swedish Bagpipes 
Seth Hamon of Mansfield Texas, USA

NOTE: The second generation poly Swedish bagpipes are going to be available very soon.

$425 + shipping
Each set comes standard with synthetic reeds and a leather bag ready to play.
All second generation sets will be black.

2nd Generation Poly chanter pictured below alongside a wooden chanter.
2nd Generation chanters are extended to incorporate a low D tone hole as well as a G-natural tone hole for the right hand thumb.

  The new  synthetic Swedish bagpipe reeds are achieving a lot of press.  They were exclusively used in my  poly sets at the Minnesotta Swedish bagpipe workshop in 2011, and they were a hit.    

Minnesotta Workshop Press: Click Here

" What you do could completely revolutionize Swedish bagpipe teaching"
     Olle Gällmo.


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